5 Reasons Why to Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting

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Overview – 5 Reasons Why to Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting


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It’s not the sexiest of stuff, but boy oh boy does it play a critical role in our every day lives. From keeping you safe walking to your vehicle at night, a gathering place for all ages to a place where cities and businesses can easily reduce their energy consumption. Parking lots are everywhere, schools, transit locations, large buildings, park n rides, government installations, sports arenas, music venues, the list goes on.

Parking lot lighting plays a significant role in every property or area. This is why if you happen to have low-quality or unreliable lighting in your parking lot, you should consider upgrading to LED lighting.

There are several reasons why upgrading to better lighting is beneficial. First of all, you need to understand that safety is quite crucial and when you properly light up your parking space, you are bound to have a better parking experience and safety.

Here are some of the major reasons why you need to upgrade to LED lights in your parking lot.

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1. LED Lights are Affordable

One of the major factors you need to consider when it comes to lighting your parking lot is cost. When you have cost-effective lighting, it tends to provide you with convenience and efficiency. Luckily, LED lights are quite affordable and can significantly help you save on energy costs.

LED lights provide low energy and are quite easy to maintain – you won’t have to spend a lot of money to keep them in proper condition. It is also important to note that LED lights have a useful life of approximately 100,000 hours, which means that you won’t need to replace them as often as other types of lights such as the HID lights.

2. LED Lights Save Energy

When it comes to energy savings, LED lights are the right options to consider. LED lights normally use about 75 percent less energy compared to other conventional lighting systems. The good news is that even if they use less energy, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of their lighting. LEDs still manage to produce the best light to keep your parking lot clear and visible.

Parking lighting needs to be clear and reliable. The average watts for LED parking lot lights can range from 65 to 400 watts. This is quite low compared to HID lights which can range from 400 to 1000 watts, thereby consuming too much energy and incurring high costs. However, with LED lights, you can easily save on costs and maximize on the lighting.

3. LED Lights Offer Safety

Safety is quite crucial in every parking space. That is why you need to consider installing lights that not only help you to save on costs, but also keep you safe. The good thing about LEDs is that they perform quite well and provide better visibility for patrons and drivers. When you have a dim or poorly-lit parking lot, accidents can happen at any time.

parking lot led lighting

However, when your parking space is well lit up, it can help to reduce the risks of accidents and even avoid them entirely. What’s more, since LED lights offer high brightness levels and last longer, you only require fewer fixtures compared to using other conventional lighting. LED lights are also designed to evenly distribute light, which means they can be easily spaced out throughout the parking space, offer more light, and save on costs.

4. LED Lights Increase Control and Efficiency

LED lights offer technology that helps to deliver high-quality lighting with excellent energy savings. They even perform better when you pair them with adaptive control integration and offer much efficiency. LED lights also offer dimmability with fixtures that include 0 to 10v dimmable drivers, which gives you this type of capability. They also come with passive infrared photo/motion (PIR) sensors that can be easily adjusted to detect motion.

When sensors stop detecting motion, you can keep the lights in high mode through time delay controls for a specified time period, for instance, 5 minutes, before you then switch to the low mode. Therefore, LED lights offer you as much control as you want and efficiency in the process.

5. LED Lights Offer the Right Solution

If you are looking for an overall solution to your parking lot lighting, then LED lights are the right alternative to consider. With these lights, you won’t have to worry about anything because they’ve got you all covered in every way – from safety to cost savings and efficiency.

With LED lights and you’re a city or business owner, you have available rebates available! Check out our partners at BriteSwitch here to see how they can really help you lower your energy usage and save money:

Our Partners

These are the types of lights that you buy and enjoy everything that they have to offer. They have low maintenance costs, easy to install and customize, and are quite durable.

The Bottom Line

Overall, LED lights top the list when it comes to parking lot lighting. Therefore, when you’re thinking about upgrading to proper lighting, LEDs should be your number one choice.

Have you upgraded your client’s lighting to LEDs? Have you seen the savings? What are the ancillary benefits that have come with it?

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