8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Upgrade To Solar Lighting

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Overview – 8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Upgrade To Solar Lighting

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Solar lighting is the direction the world is taking for energy production and you should miss out on taking advantage of all the benefits that come with solar. Solar lighting is gaining much popularity in the United States and globally as businesses realize that solar has very few limitations, unlike other energy sources. Solar is an efficient energy source and works for environmental conservation too.

This blog will explore the reasons why you should consider upgrading to solar lighting in your business. Read till the end to also get a few tips to guide your solar system selection process. Check it out below!

Reasons why Businesses Should Upgrade to Solar Lighting

1.    Marketing

Going with solar lighting will give you many ancillary benefits, such as a green energy advantage, for environmentally conscious customers will prefer you over your competitors who use non-renewable energy. You can also make commitments about achieving carbon-neutrality, reductions in your overall energy consumptions, connections with new organizations that associated with solar and green initiatives.

2.    Cuts Overhead Business Costs

By using solar power, the electricity bills are significantly reduced! Since electricity is one of the highest and most critical expenses in a typical business, eliminating it eventually reduces production cost. Businesses are always looking to cut costs and run more efficiently right? Investing in Solar as your source of energy is like making a prepayment on electricity utility.

Interested in how much you think you’ll save? Check out this great Solar Calculator here from EnergyUsage!

Solar Calculator

3.    Tax Credits

There are several tax credits offered by the government of the United States you can benefit from, on installing solar. These are aimed at encouraging business people as well as other citizens to go solar. The main one is the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit which currently gives you 26% refund on your total cost of solar power system installation.

Interested in what credits are available to you, check out our friends over at BriteSwitch who can help you! Check them out here: BriteSwitch – Making Rebates Simple

The Modified Accelerated Cost-recovery System gets you entitled to accelerated depreciation on your solar energy equipment by allowing you to write off your total panel system in the first year. This significantly improves your cash flow and ability to finance your solar power installation. The last one is the solar renewable energy credits option that allows you to recover equipment installation costs when you use your energy production system.

4.    Energy Independence

Solar is a free energy source and you can harness it from any location anytime. Note that this also translates to not requiring a company to keep you connected, which is very great. You are not regulated on your energy usage or affected by local or national blackouts.

For the case of electricity, it requires to be transported from power plants to remote areas, a process that may lead to energy loss through the network. Having a solar panel on your rooftop means short energy-transportation distance and thus increased efficiency. You are also in control of your electricity bills and energy usage.solar lighting business

5.    Renewable and Sustainable

Unlike other energy sources that depend on fossil fuels, solar energy is renewable and is not prone to extinction, as long as the sun exists. As the energy demand is increasing due to increased industrialization and population, fossil fuels are depleting. It is predicted that in future, the cost of such sources of energy will be very high. Since solar does not deplete, the cost is likely to remain constant or even decrease.

6.    Highly Energy Efficient

When solar power is combined with LED lighting, they provide high energy efficiency that is crucial for any business aiming to cut costs and expenses. When the two are combined, they lead to light production at less energy as LED doesn’t require a large amount of solar power. There is less management cost as the LED bulbs also don’t require frequent replacements over their longer life span.

7.    Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Installing the solar lighting system is quite simple and if done by the right professionals, it will remain highly energy efficient for long. There is very little maintenance for the solar energy system as there are very few moving parts involved in the connection. The system will barely require technological improvement once installed and no additional charges will be incurred when you upgrade to solar energy.

8.    Affordable and Reliable

Are you afraid of going ‘green’ because you think your business is too small to fund the project? Well, the cost of solar has significantly reduced over the years. What’s more, the tax credits discussed above will sort most of your affordability issues.

If you are in an area often affected by storms causing power outages, you don’t need to worry that your business will be affected. The Solar light systems come with a battery back-up that ensures you have electricity for 3-5 days, especially when there is no sun, making it a reliable source.

As you plan to purchase and install a solar energy system for your business, it is essential to consider the following factors:
•    The level of energy demand for your business at the moment and in future
•    The roof type
•    The cost of solar permits and grid connection fee needed
•    The quality and features of your desired solar panel system
•    The solar panel system within your budget

A good solar installation professional should guide you through evaluating these features and making the most out of the energy upgrade.


Clearly, there are more than enough reasons why your business should go solar. With solar energy, you may not realize the benefits immediately, but you will, for sure, enjoy them in the long run. Make sure to consider the above factors when choosing your solar energy system and also involve a reliable and experienced professional in the entire process. Take the smart step of upgrading to green and clean solar energy and your business will significantly benefit.

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