Are Smart Lighting Systems Worth It? Let’s Find Out! 7 Useful Tips

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Overview – Are Smart Lighting Systems Worth It? Let’s Find Out! 7 Useful Tips

smart led lighting

Smart lighting systems are bulbs that are controlled remotely. Users can customize the lighting through voice or Bluetooth technology. In most cases, they are connected to Alexa and Google assistant to allow for easy voice control. Through smart assistants’ integration, they can communicate with other devices at home in a given network. You can connect the smart lighting fixtures to the home entertainment system for easy control. They have mostly LED lighting fixtures that come with several benefits. You will need an internet connection to connect the LED bulbs to other systems via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled technology devices.

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Benefits of Smart Lighting – 7 Useful Tips!

1. Saves on Energy Cost

Smart lights have been proven to use up to 90% less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs. Homeowners looking to save more energy can go for energy start LED bulbs, making them save more energy in the process. The cost of lighting a home can reduce to a big extent upon installing smart bulbs. It is also easy to control when you put the lights on and off to save energy.

2. Peace of mind

The LED lighting systems employ the latest technology that allows you to sync the bulbs to mobile devices. App control makes it possible to monitor the home from remote locations. Some bulbs can send notifications to your phone when motion is detected near the home. They make it possible to enjoy peace of mind when away from home. The notifications can alert you to take necessary action before it is too late. Homeowners who have installed the smart bulbs feel safe when away from home.

3. Voice Activation

Homes with older adults or people with walking difficulties can find it easy to control the bulbs. They do not have to walk to where the sockets are located. They can switch on the lights on the ground floor from their devices or voice activation. They make it easy for people to control them. Lights in different rooms can be switched on via an app. It makes life easy. Apart from voice activation, they can be controlled via an app. It is possible to turn the lights on and off when you are away from home.

4. LED lights have a long life span

An LED smart light can serve for up to 50,000 hours. It is unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that can only reach 2,000 hours when in continuous use. Homeowners looking for ways they can save on the cost of replacing the bulbs can turn to the LED smart lighting systems. They are built to last longer.

5. Lighting customization

smart led lighting

The smart bulbs allow for easy customization. You can input settings on the app to let the bulb light at different times. For instance, when not at home, you can input a pattern for the lights in different rooms to turn on and off at different durations. The lighting patterns can create an impression of someone being at home when you are away. People would like to get different lighting modes. It is possible to customize the lights to dim and switch off at specific periods of time. They make it easy to achieve the perfect lighting experience.

6. Entertainment features

The smart lighting systems allow for different color lighting. The room’s mood and settings can be changed through the color lights. People looking to set up a romantic atmosphere can set the lights to produce the colors. Some colors have inbuilt speakers. They can be applied to create a relaxing atmosphere in a given room. People looking for ways to enjoy the highest relaxation level incorporate smart lights in their home entertainment systems. They can be applied to achieve different effects in home entertainment systems.

7. Improves home security

The smart lighting bulbs come with motion detection features. They can turn on or off when people enter the home. The features can be programmed to send alerts to those charged with the security of a home. The smart bulbs can be applied both indoors and outdoors to enhance security features. A home that employs smart devices can take advantage of the latest security features. The small investment you will make in buying the bulbs can go a long way in enhancing home security.