Bluetooth LED Lighting – 6 Reasons to Have in Your Office

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Overview – Bluetooth LED Lighting – 6 Reasons to Have in Your Office

bluetooth led lighting

Bluetooth LED lighting is a technology that has improved the control of lighting in commercial premises and homes. The internet of things has made it possible to automate the working of lighting systems. You can use your remote control to operate the lighting. People who would like to save on electricity bills have turned to smart lighting systems. You will utilize your mobile app to have full control of the lighting system. Unlike Wi-Fi-powered lighting systems, with Bluetooth technology, you can have full control of the lighting systems without the need to subscribe to internet service providers. Homes without Wi-Fi connections can rely on Bluetooth LED lighting systems to have full control of the lighting fixtures.

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Here are reasons why you should opt for the Bluetooth mesh systems to control your lighting fixtures in offices:

1. Bluetooth LED Lighting works without Wi-Fi

The cost of a Wi-Fi connection is an added cost to your business operations. There are offices where you do not like to subscribe to more broadband or you would like to keep the cost of Wi-Fi low. You can still have smart lighting systems in such setups if you can opt for a Bluetooth LED system. The Bluetooth technology is inbuilt in your smartphone. It is easy to control the lighting fixtures without the need for an internet connection.  Even when there are weak Wi-Fi signals in a given office, it is possible to still control the lighting fixtures via Bluetooth.

2. Cost-effective lighting option

You will realize when you control the lighting fixtures via Bluetooth, you save on cost. You do not need to pay for Wi-Fi services. It is essential to look for ways you can keep the costs down in your office operations. The utilization of Bluetooth technology makes it possible to keep the cost of running your office space low. It is easy to save on cost after you decide to go for Bluetooth lighting technology. It does not require a lot of gadgets or installation cables before it can be rolled out in a given office space.

bluetooth led lighting

3. Bluetooth LED Controllers have Extensive Coverage

The Bluetooth technology can be utilized to cover several rooms and even floors in an office block. You can utilize them to conveniently control lighting fixtures from different parts of your office. When running smart lighting systems, it is essential to ensure all parts of the office are covered. It is easy to control the LED bulbs from a single location after you decide to utilize the lighting systems.

4. Can Sync with Music

There are times when you would like different lighting fixtures to correspond with the music playing in an office space. For instance, some install lighting fixtures of different colors and they would like to play the music that will create the perfect atmosphere for work. The Bluetooth technology allows synchronizing the lighting fixtures with the sound. They will keep lighting in different colors making it easy to enjoy the best interior environment. Bluetooth technology has a lot of capabilities. People looking forward to realizing the highest level of control on the bulbs make them very efficient.

5. Uses Mobile Apps

You will not have to invest in additional Bluetooth controllers. The mobile apps can be utilized to control the lighting systems. You can control the lights in different rooms from a mobile device. People who invest in smart lighting systems are after convenient ways to control the lighting fixtures. They are easy to use and convenient. Even people who have never tried Bluetooth bulbs can easily understand how they work after they decide to go for the high-quality fixtures. They are developed to allow homeowners to realize the best results as they try to control the lighting fixtures.

bluetooth led lighting

6. Eliminates the need for Wires and Cables

There is no worry of having cables and wires running along the walls to control the lighting fixtures. The Bluetooth technology allows for wireless control of the lighting fixtures. It becomes easy for people looking forward to controlling the lighting fixtures wirelessly. In an office setup, it is essential to look for ways of keeping the room neat and organized. The utilization of Bluetooth technology makes it easy to keep the systems under control.


Bluetooth-enabled LED lighting devices can give you a significant upgrade on your lighting systems, a reduction in maintenance and an increase in energy savings for your products.


Source: Alcon Lighting

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