Effective LED Lighting in Vertical Farming – 5 Facts to Know!

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Overview – Effective LED Lighting in Vertical Farming – 5 Facts to Know!

LED Grow Lights

Starting a vertical farm is a great idea. People are looking forward to increasing food production. Outdoor farming has proved to have several challenges. Floods, a harsh climatic condition such as drought and pest infestation, has made it hard to grow individual plants outdoors. Some crops require a given climatic condition. It is easy to control the climate indoors and improve the yields. Plants need lights for photosynthesis. They will need red and blue spectra to carry out effective photosynthesis. The grow lights made out of LED technology are customized to produce the right amount of light. People looking forward to improving their yields can rely on the plants to get the right amount of light to enhance plant growth.

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Below are five facts you need to learn about LED lighting in vertical farming:

1. Energy Efficient Lighting is Perfect for Vertical Farming

In horticulture/hydrophonics/vertical farming/indoor farming, LED lighting is essential for energy-efficient lighting methods. You would like to produce high-quality crops at affordable rates. Those who would buy your crops after maturity would like to get value for their money. Running LED lighting fixtures is an energy-efficient. They will not require you to use a lot of electricity.

There is an environmental conservation aspect after you opt for LED lights. They will not need you to burn fuel for long before you can run the lighting system. You will save a lot of money in the long run after you opt for the LED lighting. Check out this great example here in Abu Dhabi with what Carrefour is doing while reducing its power up to 65% . Many experts prefer installing the lighting fixtures because they can save costs in the long run.

2. LED Lighting Does Not Emit a Lot of Heat

When growing plants indoors, you would like to keep the temperature under control. The LED lighting fixtures do not produce a lot of heat like their traditional counterparts. You will avoid the risk of drying up plants due to too much heat. In a vertical farm, plants are grown nearby where the lights are installed close to them. The risk of overheating is real, and they can kill the delicate plants. You will only get the light required in the photosynthesis process and eliminate the worry of too much heat.

People looking forward to improving their lighting conditions in horticulture ventures have turned to the LED lighting. There are specific fixtures designed to emit the right amount of light that promotes plant development. You can get them to achieve the best results in your vertical farm lighting.

3. Cost-Effective Indoor Grow Lights

Indoor Vertical FarmingIndoor Vertical Farming

When it comes to cost, the LED lights last longer (much longer!). So from a long-term benefit standpoint, you’ll save on the maintenance costs. When running hydroponics, it is good to keep the maintenance costs low. The LED lights will last for several years if you take good care of them. The more they last, the fewer the chances you will have to spend money in replacing them. You will save on the installation and maintenance costs. The fixtures are also affordable. You will find it economical to run your vertical farm after you opt for the lighting fixtures.

4. Grow Lights have Advanced to Benefit All Plants

Plants require red and blue spectra in their photosynthesis. It is good to introduce lights that will aid in plant development. The right way to go about it is to get the LED lights. You may see them having pink colors, but they are carefully customized to make the plants grow well. The grow lights are carefully developed to maximize the right wavelength’s production that can contribute towards high yields in the crops.

5. Sustainable Way to Increase Food Production

Think about this for a moment…how many hands do you think your product changes hands in a supply line before you ultimately get it? Think about a tomato or lettuce. There is an extensive supply chain that takes the product from crop to you.

A vertical farm will not get affected by harsh environmental conditions like drought, flooding, or hurricanes. You will have the crops under a controlled environment where they will yield more. People looking for ways to have a sustainable way to produce the crops have turned to vertical farms. You have the freedom to determine even the amount of light that will reach the plants. There is a high yield rate in horticulture, unlike open-field farming, because plants get the right conditions to thrive.


The above are the few things you need to know about the grow lights. You can install the led grow lights in your vertical farm, and they will contribute towards improving your yields. They are practical solutions to several challenges that face farmers.

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