Safety & Security Through the Power of LED Lighting!

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Intro – Let’s Dive In

We use lighting at all hours of the day and it dramatically helps us improve our everyday lives. In my previous blogs I discuss how lighting is very beneficial on saving you money, smart lighting, the list goes on. The focus for this post is mainly around the positive effects of lighting has around safety and security of LED lighting that sometimes goes unnoticed. LED lighting provides safety and security in many ways we don’t always see. Let’s not forget, that LEDs last 18-20 years as well!

Why is This Important

Walking down a dark street at night, finding your car in a parking garage that isn’t lit at night, walking a college campus and finding that none of the streetlights illuminate during the event, the list goes on. Would you want to send your children to college there? Would you park your car in that garage and walk to your car? Would you chose to walk¬†that street at night?home outdoor lighting safety

Home LED Lighting

Properly outfitting your home with lighting can do many things. From illuminating the path to your door, to highlighting architecture, gardens and other features around your home. The safety and security comes with just turning the lights on. A properly well-lit home is not a target for intrusion, therefore making it a safer place to be. Lighting your house, having it on a timer, or if you have smart lights, enabling your lighting at a touch of an app to illuminate when you want.

Professional Setting

led lighting safety
A major difference between this picture and the one below. Clean and smooth lighting provides for a welcoming feel


Offices, Parking Garages, Area lighting are all key areas to consider when making sure you have a welcoming illumination of an area. From an interior lighting perspective, making employees feel safe from the moment they are done work until they are in the car is needed. Utilizing motion sensors or smart lighting products will help in achieving this. For outdoor lighting, parking garages should have motion sensors and not cut off at a specific time period.

Walkways and outdoor venues are great to illuminate at night. This can drive an increase of foot traffic, spark tourism and increase more safety within an area. If a bridge or walkway is not lit, it doesn’t provide a welcoming feeling at night, from people going for evening walks, playing basketball or evening activities, to walking the dogs. The more lighting (and proper lighting) that is around, locals, tourists, businesses will be attracted to it and will become very beneficial in the short and long term.parking garage lighting

In poor driving conditions, driving at dusk, having properly lit roads can help drivers navigate the roads, avoid any potential accidents.

There are very beneficial ways to make area lighting happen if capital budgets do not afford you to be able to do this. I touch on this in my last blog here


What Should I Be Thinking About? Home? Office?

  • Home
    • You can have lights outside that monitor your pathway. Use motion sensor led lights that automatically come on when someone is in the area
    • Smart Lighting – On your way home? You can have the lights turn on just as you are arriving or a few minutes before. Set the settings to what you want
    • Have areas of your property that are not close to an electrical outlet? Use solar lights in areas that you would like to have illuminated
    • Lights do not need to be at 100% from dusk till dawn so pick what lights you would like to have on, have others on motion sensors that will turn on at dusk and off at dawn
      • Smart lights can be all controlled via an app so you can do this from one location. If you choose to do this by purchasing other items, just make sure you have a system in place that you know what goes on and off at certain times
  • Office
    • Employees working late? Make sure the lights, walkways and parking lots stay well illuminated until they get to their cars safely. Motion sensor lighting works best. If you work in a high rise, more advance LED lighting systems can turn on and off your lights as you enter and exit work
    • No one in on the weekends? Secure your property with security lights around your office. If you’re in a highrise, have motion sensors to only utilize the necessary lighting that you need if anyone comes in throughout the weekend
    • Parking Garages should be well-lit, you can make sure that motion sensor lighting is in place to provide your employees a safe and secure feeling when going to and from their vehicles

If you’re looking for products check these out:

  • Smart Lighting – Products you can command & control by the palm of your hand, for your office or your home
  • Solar Lighting –¬†Solar products that you can put up, either home or office, that do not need a dedicated power source
  • Outdoor Lighting – Outdoor lighting products that you can utilize for either home or office, all depending on your needs
  • Street Lights – Upgrading your city’s streetlights can vastly improve driver safety

public lighting