Top 10 Reasons Why Lighting Control Systems are Beneficial

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Overview – Top 10 Reasons Why Lighting Control Systems are Beneficial

led lighting controls

A building’s lighting is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements, regardless of whether it’s an office or your home. If you are interested in Building Automation Systems, then you more than likely have heard about lighting controls.

As the name suggests lighting controls are a combination of various systems and technologies that allow you to customize the lighting of your home or office. These systems use dimmers, photo sensors, motion sensors and other technologies, making it easier for you to create the lighting theme that meets your needs and preferences.

Of course, various reasons make lighting controls important additions to your home or office or place of business. If you’re not sure whether or not you should get such systems, you may want to consider the following benefits:

1. Energy Saving

Energy bills can be bothersome, that you have to agree. The golden rule for saving electricity as far as lighting is concerned is that the less time your lights are on, the lesser your bills shall be.

Lighting control makes it possible to manage lighting in your home or office, by turning off and dimming the lights when needed. That way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch off the lights anymore.

2. Bulbs last longer

The lesser the time you leave your lights on, the fewer the worries you will have about frequent unanticipated burnouts and explosions. This is particularly true if you use incandescent and halogen bulbs in your home or office.

When your lights last longer as a result of not using them too frequently you won’t need much electrical maintenance or repairs.

3. Enhanced comfort

Whether you’re in your office working or at home relaxing, the right levels of light will eliminate eye strain, giving you the comfort that you need. With extra comfort, you can become more productive at work or even reduce your stress levels when relaxing at home.

4. Greater convenience

It’s possible to control your lighting control system remotely from the comfort of your working desk or couch. This you can do using the devices that you already interact with every day, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Besides, you can also use programmable wall-mounted switches or remote controls to conveniently adjust the lighting in your home or office.

5. Better safety

No more struggles at night as you make your way to the bathroom! With a high-quality lighting control system, you can utilize sensors to turn on the lights whenever you need them. In the absence of sensors, you can always control the lights remotely before you leave your bed. This is particularly true when you have visitors in your home who are not familiar with the location of the light switches.

At work, you can use your lighting control systems to switch on the lights in dark places without having to use the switches on the wall, hence reduce the chances of an accident.

6. Optimal security for your home

One of the greatest worries that the majority of homeowners have is the security of their house, especially when they are not around. Take, for example, a scenario where you will not be at home for a couple of days. If there are burglars who are particularly interested in finding out what valuable items you have in your home, they can take such a golden chance to comfortably break into your house. But that’s only when they are sure that there is no one inside.

A lighting control system makes it possible to create the illusion that your house is occupied. You can use an app on your phone to switch on lights in the different rooms of your house, at different times of the night, so that it’ll look like there is someone there. You can even schedule the system to switch on the lights using an unpredictable pattern, to create a realistic illusion that your house is occupied.

7. Create a specific ambience

Lights can go a long way towards making it possible to create different atmospheres in your home depending on the situation. The atmosphere that you need for a party is totally different from the one you need for a romantic dinner. You can always use the various functions of a lighting control system to create the right ambience in your home, to meet your specific needs.

If you’re working at a place such as a art venue, performance halls or location that holds shows, lighting controls are critical to build special lighting effects and visuals to build the performance and excitement!

8. No negative effects 

Modern lighting control systems, unlike traditional systems, use light sensors that have no acoustic interference at all. Traditional light sensors used microwave or ultrasonic transmissions whose negative effects included headaches and interference with other technologies such as wireless microphones, hearing aids, and more. Modern lighting control systems make use of PIR/Microphonics, that have no known interferences.

9. A cleaner look for your walls

If you’re using the conventional light switches for your home or office, you probably have at least one switch in every room. There are rooms where you may have up to three switches depending on the size, design, and functionality of the room.

To make your walls look cleaner, you can consolidate all the switches under one keypad that provides various ways to control the lights in different rooms. Besides, with the remote-control functionality, you really don’t have to use the wall-mounted switches a lot.

10. Ease of addition and use

Most of the lighting systems in homes and offices are compatible with modern lighting control systems. This makes it easier to add a high-quality lighting control system to the lighting in your home or office. In the majority of cases, you will require little to no wiring.

Some systems are even plug-and-play. As if the ease of addition is not enough, the majority of lighting control systems are considerably easy to use. To access your lighting system remotely, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


With the above benefits of lighting control systems, you surely don’t need additional reasons to get such a system for your home or office. You just have to get the right system for your home, and install it or call a professional, to start experiencing the benefits of using lighting control.

Do you have lighting controls? Have they worked for you? Have you convinced your customers to upgrade to LED lighting with controls yet?
led lighting controls