Top 8 Ideas for LED Lighting for Your Outdoor Deck

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Overview – Top 8 Idea for LED Lighting for Your Outdoor Deck

outdoor pool lighting

Upgrading your home or own properties and looking at ways to make them more appealing to potential clients? Lighting is a critical component¬†to upgrade. In this blog post we’re focusing mainly on outdoor decks lighting and how you can make a few changes to upgrade lighting to make it a great investment (both short & long term) and bring your property alive!

Many people have turned to outdoor LED lighting due to several reasons. It’s a great way to conserve electricity. People looking forward to achieving the best illumination and at the same time cut on the electricity bills prefer the LED lighting. They come in different designs to meet the need of different decks. You may have incorporated some designs in your outdoor deck, and you would like to light to reflect them. You have the freedom to choose from different lighting fixtures based on LEDs.

Let’s break down a few different ways you can upgrade your outdoor deck lighting. Really looking for ways to easily help sell your property and have an outdoor deck? Proper lighting is a great seller! Add in smart lighting too!

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Deck Lighting Ideas

1. Recessed Deck Lighting

outdoor deck lighting

You can use recessed lighting for your outdoor area. They can be installed on the deck to create attractive patterns or illuminate the areas you want. Many people assume the recessed lighting is for the indoor ceiling only, however they are waterproof. They are available for the deck, where you can incorporate them into the deck roof itself. The lighting will work if your deck has a roof. They are very effective in lighting up different features on your deck.

2. String Lighting

These lights are easy to install. You can get them, and they will create a difference in your outdoor space.  Those who prefer DIY projects will find the string posts easy to install. You can install them anywhere. If you feel like a given space on your deck is not lit well, you can introduce string lighting. They are attractive, but they may not last longer than other types of lighting available for your outdoor space.

3. Pool Deck Lighting

outdoor pool lighting

Lighting around your pool is great, especially from a security perspective. You will be forced to have enough lighting if your deck is near the pool, so check your local ordinance. Your family members need to see the pool clearly at night to avoid accidents. You can opt for recessed deck lighting or deck posts. They should provide enough light that will illuminate the water well. People would like to know where the pool starts as they spend time outdoors. Ensure you go for LED lighting because they will produce enough light for the purpose. Control the lighting from your home to guide you to the pool.

4. Deck Stair Lighting

You can install the lights into your deck stairs. If you have several stairs leading to your deck, you can invest in lights installed into the stairs. They will provide the necessary illumination to make it easy for your family members to walk up the stairs. The introduction of lights is to try and enhance safety in your deck. The LED lights are designed to work in such a way they will create the necessary comfortable environment for the homeowners.

5. Deck Post Lights

It is an affordable lighting option you can get for your deck. Ensure you install them to face downwards so that they can illuminate the deck area. You will find them easy to install in the deck area. People have different preferences when it comes to deck lighting. You can get them in different shapes and styles. Upgrades such as smart lighting are an effective way to add different lighting colors to your deck as well as control them via a mobile app! Deck post lights create an attractive appearance even when they are not switched on. You can get the posts in different materials to achieve great durability.

6. Deck Railing Lights

You may like to illuminate the deck railing spots as a safety measure. There are several designs of lights you can get for the railing lighting. Ensure you choose the right designs that can work towards enhancing your deck design. The railing lights are easy to install, and they will contribute to making your deck area safe at night.

7. Rope Lighting

You can go for the rope lighting for your deck. It is easy to install lighting fixtures that can easily conceal your bulbs. They are easy to incorporate into any deck. The rope can be made to pass through different sections of your deck, making it easy to achieve custom lighting.

8. Solar Deck Lights

Some would like to save more money on their deck lighting. An effective way to do this is to opt for solar lighting fixtures. Check out our Solar Lighting options HERE. They will provide enough light to illuminate your deck at night and completely cut you need to rely on any utility usage. Green and low voltage lights are other options you can get. You have a lot of options when it comes to deck lighting.


There are many types of outdoor deck lighting options out there, but having a little guidance on what you want to include as you upgrade your home, improve your real estate properties or look to reduce your energy usage.

What have you done to upgrade your outdoor deck lighting?