Top 8 Reasons Why LED Lighting is Needed in Your Bedroom

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Overview – Top 8 Reasons Why LED Lighting is Needed in Your Bedroom

bedroom led lighting

Your home should be special. Home is where we eat, where we sleep, where we entertain, and where we live. That being said, of course we want all of the best things we can get for our homes. But, did you know how much changing lights can transform your whole bedroom? It’s true! LED lighting is quickly becoming the preferred lighting choice in homes and offices! So, without further ado, here are 8 reasons why you should change the lights in your bedroom to LEDs! Check out a few of our previous blogs on LED lighting as well below!

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1. LED Lighting is Energy Efficient

The number one reason that people are now switching to LED lighting is that they are way more energy efficient than standard lighting. LED lights have an energy efficiency of 80-90%. This means that virtually all of their electrical energy is being converted into light and only that remaining 10-20% percent is being lost to other forms of energy. With standard lighting, those stats are the exact opposite. With conventional lightbulbs, only about 20% of their energy is being converted to light and 80% being lost as heat. So, switching to LED lights is not only better for the environment, but they’ll also lighten the load on your wallet as well! In some cases, switching to LED can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

2. Their Size is Small and Convenient

LED lighting starts with a tiny diode and a package of LED lights may contain one or more diodes. Each diode is very small but the lighting incorporates multiple sources in arrays. A typical LED bulb will range between 3-8mm long. This size allows them to be used in all sorts of various locations and fixtures. They can fit into places that standard bulbs would not. They can even be concealed underneath or behind things. LED lighting gives you more ways to light your home without the bulk of standard size bulbs.

3. They Have a Long Life

LED lighting have a much, much longer lifespan than their counterparts. In fact, most LED lights can last for up to 11 years of continuous, non-stop use! If you only use the lights during half of the day or even less than that, then your LED lights can last decades!

4. Bright or Dim

With LED lights, you can choose just how bright or dim the light can be. If you want to accentuate a particular area of your home, you can put a bright LED in the area and the light will bring that spot to life! You can go with a dimmer option too, if you want to create a more romantic tone. In either case though, with LED lighting you have the freedom to change it up transform your bedroom. You might be surprised how differently your room can look when you change up the lighting.

5. They Can be Controlled by a Remote

There is no denying that technology certainly makes our lives easier. With LED lighting, you can turn down the lights, turn them off, or even brighten them all from the touch of a button! You won’t even have to get up from the comfort of your couch to go turn off the lights. Talk about convenient!

6. It Can Help Us Sleep Better

Our natural circadian rhythm is the rhythm we sleep by. Our bodies are active in false lighting during the day, and then also at night when we’re at home. This false light can keep up awake and even make it difficult to get to sleep. But with LED lighting, you can control how bright or how dim you’d like the lighting to be. You can create a dimmer atmosphere at night, to help your body wind down and give your circadian rhythm what it needs to lull you into a healthy sleep.

7. It Can be Decorative

You can use LED lighting to add some pizzaz to your room! You can turn a boring area of your room into a glowing, beautiful work of art! You can even play around with the lighting too and create different feels in different areas. It can be fun to experience how lighting and shadows can affect how good a room looks.

8. It Can Create a Better Reading/Work Environment

bedroom led lighting

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to read or work on something in a room where the lighting is cruddy. Straining your eyes can be really irritating and nobody should have to deal with that. With LED lighting, you can make the light in the room be whatever you want it to be! You can brighten it on your side of the room, while your partner sleeps in the dark beside you. You can transform a normally dark and dingy room into a bright oasis of light.

LED Lights Are the Way to Go

Don’t waste anymore time with standard bulbs that are only going to cost you more and waste good energy. Upgrade now and see just how amazing LED lights can be!