Why You Should Upgrade Street Lights to Solar LED Lights

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Overview – Why You Should Upgrade Street Lights to Solar LED Lights

linmore led lightingToday, solar is not only an energy source for lighting indoor spaces but also the best solution for outdoor applications. Solar street lights and related outdoor lighting products are gaining high adoption all over the world as more and more people get to know the benefits they offer. Since solar street lights are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, they have been installed to light many public places and roads.

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This post aims at showing you why solar LED lights are the go-for-solution for any commercial and domestic outdoor lighting project.

What are Solar Street Lights?

Solar street lights are outdoor lighting devices powered by solar panels that may be integrated into the lighting structure or the supporting poles. The device also houses a smart rechargeable battery, charged by the solar panel, which in turn powers the lighting component, usually an LED or fluorescent lamp.
So, what characteristics steer the wide usage of solar street lights and make them the smartest upgrade you can have for your outdoor lighting? Let’s find out.

Reasons why you should upgrade your street lights to Solar LED lights

Environmentally Friendly

Regardless of how well our lighting needs are fulfilled, we ought to be conscious of the environment. Unlike many traditional street lights, Solar LED lights have a low carbon footprint as no carbon dioxide emitting processes are required to power them. With solar LED lights, no electrocution accidents will ever occur to living elements in the environment. The dependence on polluting fossil fuels is significantly reduced through harnessing solar energy for street lighting, making this investment highly eco-friendly.

Requires Low Maintenance

Solar LED lights require very little maintenance and eliminate the need for frequent repairs. On installing these lighting devices, you will only be required to do basic assessments on the battery smart control system and the lighting components to ensure that all details perform as required.

Also, with their resistance properties (as discussed below), solar street lights barely need replacement or any form of extensive repair.


Solar LED street lights are weatherproof and will stand even the harshest weather conditions in your area. No traditional street light will offer what Solar LED lights offer in terms of resistance to weather and environmental elements. Note that their efficiency is not significantly affected by chilly weather conditions as their sturdy smart batteries will have stored enough energy when there is adequate sunshine.

It’s Highly Cost-Effective

With Solar LED street lights, you are moving completely off-grid, meaning that the electricity costs you currently incur will be significantly slashed. There is no need to erect expensive electric poles when you go for solar street lights. It is not just about cutting electricity costs, solar LED lights are low maintenance and may never require a replacement.


Image from Greenshine New Energy

As long as they are kept clean and free from dust, solar street lights are the most cost-effective method you can have for outdoor lighting. You’ve probably heard many people argue that the installation of solar lights is costly compared to other lighting methods. However, this should not bar you from installing solar street lights as the long-term benefits (which are mostly assumed) make this lighting method very cost-effective.


As mentioned above, Solar LED lights do not depend on the grid connection and hence they are not affected by power cuts and disruptions. Isn’t it incredible how solar LED lights will remain brightly illuminated when all other streets light are off? What’s more, with a software solution, you can control their light emission levels as per the pedestrian frequency. These devices will conserve energy when it is least required and use it when it is most needed.


A typical solar LED light will have a lifespan of 5-7 years, which is a decent time compared to what most traditional street lights offer. This, plus the fact that these lights are weatherproof and require very little maintenance, is a highly compelling reason to switch or upgrade to using them.

Final Thoughts

As the demand for ‘greener’ lighting with smart technology increases, solar street lights are becoming extremely useful. Any government, company, or business that wants to increase its people’s productivity at night should consider installing solar street lights on roads and public places within their establishments. The above points clearly show that investing in off-grid solutions such as solar street lights is crucial now more than ever!