LED Systems

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A more advance way to light up your home. Smart LED systems contain software that connects to an app that will allow you to control your light remotely. With smart LED light systems, you have the ability to dim, configure your lighting to how you want them, set timers and use the control platform to built a system centered around your needs.

Having a home that meets not only your needs but your style and personality is important. Our homes are our safe havens where we spend most of our time. Because of this, investing in a smart home lighting system makes sense. These systems make controlling the lighting in your home easier than ever. With a smart home lighting system, one is able to turn on their living room lights, their porch lights, and more even before they get home. This creates a sense of safety and comfort at home, whether you’re there yet or not. Smart home LED lighting systems are also great for people with pets who work late, as it will allow you to turn on the lights for your pet once it starts to get dark. We offer a variety of different smart home lighting options, including:

Smart LED systems can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app. These systems provide not only white light, but also color-tunable light to allow the user to change the lighting to what the want. Smart lighting systems have the ability to allow the user to command and control the light levels, enable smart controls all while delivering high quality lighting.

Illuminate one room or the whole house through the control app from your phone, these smart LED systems will give you the ability to dedicate the lighting at the palm of your hand, while reducing energy costs at the same time.

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