LED Grow Lights

The future of indoor growing. 

Installed indoors or in commercial grow tents, grow lights are designed to maximize space while greatly improving results and plant quantity. These innovative lights can grow your plants without natural sunlight, allowing you to have crops year round in any environment.

There are several reasons why any indoor farmer would choose LED grow lights over other types of lights. LED lights are energy-efficient and last for about 50,000 hrs. If you decide to use them in 12-hour sessions every day, it will take you about 11 years to replace them. Secondly, the upfront cost of acquiring them is remarkably low. They can also be easily installed in small spaces and plugged in regular sockets. Additionally, they don’t generate heat like regular lights – this is conducive to the growth of most plants.

How many types of LEDs grow lights do we have out there?
LED grow lights, also known as indoor horticulture lights or hydroponic lights, fall into three broad categories: Spread style, traditional panel, and COB style.
Spread style – As the name suggests, these LEDs are smaller and are spread over an expansive area. Common examples of this style are Rack and Quantum Boards.
Traditional panel – lamps designed in this style tend to compact. Their diodes often have medium or small wattage. Most LED grow lights fall in this category. It is worth mentioning that this style combines the aspects of COB style and Quantum board.
COB style – these LEDs come in the form of COBs (Chip on Board) “bulb.” Each COB is very bright because it consists of multiple LEDs. If you are looking for LED grow lights that provide intense light than any other types of LEDs, be sure to choose the COB style.

What factors should you consider when selecting a grow light? To choose the best LED grow light, ask yourself these questions:
•    Should the lights be mobile?
•    Where will you install the lights?
•    How tall will your plants get?
•    What sort of plants do you wish to grow?
•    Are you planning to grow seeds during the spring, or you wish to grow the whole year-round?
All these questions bring up factors you need to keep in mind when choosing LED grow lights

Maximum your production and lower your energy usage with upgrading to LEDs. You also get to eliminate any unwanted pesticides and scale your operation how you want to.