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Switching to LEDs from incandescent will significantly reduce your power consumption. To see the true value in upgrading to LEDs, we look at the value in math and the savings that LEDs will bring over a specific period of time.

This is a simple exercise to help you determine how much money you can save by just upgrading your house or office, building or on the larger scale, such as a community park, military installation or city to LED lighting. Instead of buying on just PRICE, look at the factors that you can save over the lifecycle of an LED that typically lasts up to 18-20 years. 

Check out our Energy Savings Calculator below as well as our chart to determine what is best for your needs.

Breaking Down the Factors

Just upgrading 1 lightbulb can save you money. Below we have a simple example of comparing a 60W incandescent light bulb and a 10W LED. We walk through the savings that you can accomplish just by switching out and upgrading to LEDs. 

Factors to Determine Energy Savings:

  • Number of bulbs replacing
    • i.e. 10, 100, 1000
  • Daily “on” hours
    • i.e. 10hr, 20hr, 24hr
  • Annual “on” hours
    • i.e. 2000hrs, 2600hrs
  • Reduction from original wattage per bulb (i.e. 60W) and replacement wattage per bulb (i.e. 10W)
    • So for the table below, we used 50 (60-10=50)
  • Conversion to kWh –
    • Most energy is measured in Watts. This determines how much energy is used on an hourly basis. So basic calculation is  (watts x number of hours on per day x 365 days a year)/1000. This will give us the kWh
    • kWh = Power(W) × Time(hrs) ÷ 1,000
    • For example – (20 x 2600 x 50) /1000) = 2600
  • Cost of Energy – This is the local kWh where you are located
    • Price = kWh × cost per kWh
    • Not sure? Visit the Utility Rate Dashboard (URDB) to determine local rates
    • For this example, we used local rates in New York City which are 21¢/hr.
    • For example: price = kWh × cost per kWh
      price =  2600 kWh × $.21
      kWh = $546 

Energy Savings Calculator

How to Use the Energy Savings Calculator:

  1. Enter all required information below
  2. Click on “Calculate”
  3. Your estimated financial savings will be provided
Bulb TypeLED - 10WIncandescent - 60WLED - 10WIncandescent - 60WLED - 10WIncandescent - 60WLED - 10WIncandescent - 60W
# of Bulbs20205050100100400400
Weekly # of Operating Hours5050505050505050
Annual # of Hours Operating 26002600260026002600260026002600
Wattage (W) Reduction Per Bulb50-50-50-50-
Utility Rate (kWh/hr) - New York City (NYC).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr).21(¢/hr)
Annual Existing Energy Cost$109 $655$273$1638$546$3,276$2,184$13,104
Annual Savings$546-$1,365-$2,730-$10,920-
5 Year Savings$2,730-$6,825-$13,650-$54,600-
10 Year Savings$5,460-$13,650-$27,300-$109,200-
20 Year Savings$10,920-$27,300-$54,600-$218,400-

LED light bulbs are up to 80 percent more efficient than traditional lighting. After reviewing this chart, you can see that upgrading just 20 bulbs can save significant financial savings over the course of a year, 5 years even 20 years! The more you change the more you save!

Apply this same metholody to your local area to see how much you can save! Use the chart to the right to determine exactly what you can save!

Visit our products page to see how you take the first start in upgrading and saving money! 

Lighting Energy Cost Calculator