LED Grow Lights for Plants, Hydroponic, Greenhouse Lighting - 12 W, 3 Bands



LED Grow Lights for Plants, Hydroponic, Greenhouse Lighting – 12 W, 3 Bands

Grow Indoor Plants More Quickly 

The light that is emitted is absorbed fully by the plant. This encourages the process of photosynthesis to take place. The leaves of the plant will grow bigger and any flower will also start to bloom.

User Friendly And Easy To Install 

The lights have a standard PAR38 shape along with an E26 base. There is no need to buy any speciality lamps, as a standard desk lamp will work just as well.

Low Levels Of Heat Generated 

The finned heat sink design means that the heat which is generated stays at a low level. There is no risk of the plant becoming damaged, even if the lifts are on for seventeen hours a day. The bulbs use red and blue lights and the ratio is as follows:

– Red 660nm 3pcs; 630nm 6pcs

– Blue 460nm 3pcs

The red light stimulates the production of seeds and flowering whereas the blue light stimulates growth in the stem and leaves.

Minimal Maintenance Required 

The LED bulbs are very energy efficient and it will be some time before they need to be replaced.

Safe For The Environment 

No lead or mercury is present in the bulbs. They do not give off any IR or UV Radiation.

Solid State

The bulbs can withstand any vibrations and are also shockproof.

Included In The Package

  • You will receive a single 12W PAR38 LED Grow Light.

Other Important Information 

The plant should be no more than 1m away from the light. Lighting times will vary depending on the specific plant, but if there is no sunlight, then between eight and sixteen hours is likely to be needed. The lights can cover a range of 2 square meters which makes them ideal for greenhouses and balconies.


Dimmable Non-dimmable Brightness (lm) 360
Power Consumption (W) 12 LED Quantity 12
Light Color RB Beam Angle (Degree) 30
Frequency (hz) 50/60 Power Factor > 0.9
Bulb Shape PAR38 Base Type E26
Protection Rating IP55 Diameter (in) 4.78
Height (in) 5.27 Waterproof Yes
Lifespan (h) 50000 Net Weight (lb) 0.75
Package Quantity Pack of 1 Unit Warranty 2 Years
Weight 0.8818