LED Indoor Grow Lights - Hero, Hydroponic, Plant and Horticulture Lighting

From your house to your city, optimized LED lighting growth systems built for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round in any environment. Indoor farming (also known as vertical farming, city farming, hydroponics) saves energy, eliminates water waste and reduces risks within the food supply chain.




LED Indoor Grow Lights – Hero, Hydroponic, Plant and Horticulture Lighting

The HERO-LED LED Grow Light

LED Grow Lights: THE HERO
The launching of the HERO-LED X3 Grow Lights marks the successful completion of a 3 years research and development journey.  With the lights showcasing the artistic crafting of the team of experts, the intricacies of the process in its entirety are evident from every angle.

Generally, the X3 series are made up of 3-Watts LED grow lights designed to boost any produce owing to their enhanced spectrum. The HERO-LED X3 series is, however, the epitome of perfection and efficiency across the LED grow lights. It guarantees a significant increase in yields with lower levels of energy consumptions and no heat emissions.

The Production Level of HERO-LED X3 series 
The increase in yield levels of the HERO series will be in regard to quality and quantity. This notable change in the level of production will result from the maintenance of a steady 700mA current driver.

The HERO series Spectrum
During a plant growth cycle, evenly distributed light beams covering equal distances are required. Fortunately, the HERO LED X3 series of Grow Lights are equipped with a 12-bandwidth spectrum that emits proportionate wavelengths.

The Intensity of HERO- LED X3 series 
The lights are fitted with state-of-the-art optical lens for enhanced efficiency and amplification of PAR. This combination of benefits stimulates the development of deeper roots and canopying for an fruitful produce.

The HERO X3 Series Quality
The HERO series is skillfully crafted from the large, heavy duty heat sink to the current LED driver for improved performance.


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