What is Smart Lighting?

Smart Lighting is a more advanced way of lighting a space, whether that be your home, office, street or building. Smart LEDs contain software that allow you to connect to an app to command and control your lighting system. 

The software can have various forms of functionality, ranging from turning them on and off, timers, dimming and allow 3rd party apps to provide additional features for you. 

Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant - No Hub Required - In Case Picture

Control Your Lights Wirelessly

Unlike conventional light bulbs that have a wall and/or dimmer switch on the wall, smart lights can be directly control via your phone, tablet, computer or smart assistant. Control the lights from wherever you are in the world, turn the on when you’re driving home from work, turn the off when they are not needed, giving you completely flexibility over your lights.

Smart Lighting Benefits

There are many advantages to having smart lights, from controlling them remotely, here are a few additional benefits that come with smart lighting:

  • Easily dimmable
    • Apps provide the opportunity for the user to set the lights to the right level that they look for, for example:
      • Home: Brighter levels for studying or cooking
      • Business: Parking lots or Street lights – Better visiability or needed to dim for any specific reason
  • Improved energy efficiency
    • Dimming lights uses less energy, therefore improving the longevity of the lights as well as lowering your energy use. 
  • Configurable
    • Group lights how you want to, whether individually or in a specified group, given you control over how you want your system to operate
    • If lights do not need to be turned on during certain parts of the day, this can save you energy as well as money
      • For example, if you don’t need all your lights on in your house, control them remotely
      • If parking lot lights only need to be on during the evening hours, control them remotely to save additional energy

Check out of various Smart Home Lighting options. We have smart systems and smart bulbs available! Depending on what you are looking for (indoor or outdoor, larger setup or smaller). With a click of the button, you can automate your lighting while reducing your overall energy spend.

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